Online Writing Center Guides & Labs

Here are a few of my favorite online writing center guides that are great for undergraduate students.

Note: appointments, consultations and paper submissions are typically for students attending these schools. Check with your own attending institution to see if there is a writing center on your campus.

The Writing Center at George Mason University

The Writing Center at GMU has an entire series of “Quick Guides” that assist with processes, practices, and research-based writing and more.

Harvard College Writing Center

Here, you’ll find “Strategies for Essay Writing”. I particularly like their page on “How to Do a Close Reading.”

The Writing Center at University of North Carolina

This link will take you to The Writing Center’s “Tips & Tools” page which is unbelievably comprehensive and easy to navigate under four different categories.

Online Writing Lab at the University of New Hampshire

The resources at the UNH Writing Center website isn’t super-easy to navigate, but they have a great section on their Resources page called “Oral Presentation Advice” that I think is really helpful.

In Addition…
Pens, Lawrence Wong

Classic Writing Style Guides

They Say/I Say, Graff & Birkenstein

A Writer’s Reference, Hacker & Sommers

The Grammar Bible, Strumpf & Douglas

The Elements of Style Illustrated, Strunk & White, illus. by Maira Kalman.