Heather J. Macpherson is an educator, essayist and poet with an MA in English from Worcester State University and a MEd. with a concentration in Library Media Studies from Salem State College (now University). She has twenty plus years of teaching experience combined in K-12 public education and higher education. Heather’s first academic career began as a librarian and library teacher, and eventually began adding classroom teaching experience to her repertoire. She has taught various levels of Language Arts and English from eighth grade through college-level composition. literature, and creative writing courses.

Besides her two master’s degrees, Heather also has 46 additional graduate-level credits in literature and creative writing from the University of Rhode Island (degree received May 2021). Her scholarly interests include the History of the Essay, Creative Nonfiction, and Human-Animal Relationships in Memoir and Autobiography. Her own essays and poems have appeared in the Bennington Review, Doctor T.J. Eckleberg Review, 580 Split, and other fine places. Besides writing, teaching, and studying, Heather enjoys traveling, and spending time with friends and family, especially her son.